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October 30, 2007

Regarding the Recent Blog Drama

This is a repost of something I posted over at PRCaldude's place (vicious nazi hatemonger that he is /wave ).

Neocon, paleocon, comicon...

I'm a dude. I like freedom. Not so much a fan of being told how to live by my government. Generally I think capitalism works.

Not a huge fan of huddling within our borders - I'd rather go on the offensive, though that's not always the best option. The jury is still out for me on the whole "nation building" thing. I'm still formulating my opinions.

Dunno, really. The labeling thing seems a waste of time. "You're just a nasty old X" where X is something I think I don't like seems to be a way of avoiding honest discussion.

Folks on the "VB IS TEH NAZI! ZOMG!" side of the argument are overzealous in their desire to keep the party ideologically pure (odd echoes of Kos :shudder:). Folks on the "VB IS PERFECT AND INNOCENT" side aren't (IMO) quite giving the issue the look they should.

To the "we have to fight the jihadists so we'll take who we can get" folks ... um ... how, precisely, are we fighting the jihadists? How does associating ourselves with a bunch of Swedish weirdos with a sketchy past help us "fight" the jihadists? Arena of ideas and all that sure ... but really ... meh.


I just can't get over how badly everyone freaked out over this. I mean ... I barely noticed it the first time I saw it at LGF. Here's how it looked to me.

Atlas Shrugged: We did this anti-jihad conference, which was AWESOME. Everyone should be like, totally into it.

Littlegreenfootballs: Some of the people there look like they've got some odd associations.



Robert Spencer: Not that there WERE any Holocaust Denying racist Nazis at the conference, but if there were, I'd utterly and completely repudiate them. OH LOOK A PTERODACTYL! <vanish>

Internet straw poll: RON PAUL!!!!


<mushroom cloud>

Godwin: Who went first now? I'm confused.


Sympathizers to various sides: I thought we KNEW those people, man. They've like, totally betrayed the cause. (Insert faction of choice) has really gone downhill.

Rest of the World: Huh?


So, in summary, tempest, meet teapot.  Or that's what it should have been.  How this lunacy got so out of control over a bunch of reindeer loving iceback Scandis is beyond me.  Seriously.  It's like lutefisk inspires berserker rage.  On the other hand, if I had to eat that crap, maybe I'd want to bust some heads too.

But really.  Charles?  Pamela?  AllahPundit?  EVERYONE?  Have a ritalin.  Have a shot. Have the quasi-legal depressant of your choice - but make sure that whatever it is, they come with huge freakin' CHILL PILLS.

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1 Hey my friend saw your handiwork on my blog banner and was wondering if you could do his. 

Posted by: PRCalDude at November 04, 2007 05:22 PM (EdGOn)

2 I'm always up for new work.  Have him shoot me an e-mail with his blog, what he wants, ideas, design concepts, whatever.

Posted by: Joseph at November 05, 2007 12:57 PM (g1cNf)


"How does associating ourselves with a bunch of Swedish weirdos with a sketchy past help us "fight" the jihadists?"

I'm a few weeks late checking in...

Funny thing is that other than the fact that certain people showed up at a public conferences because of shared concerns, nobody was trying to directly associate with anybody.  VB wasn't seeking U.S. support for anything and nobody from our end of the pond was seeking a VB association.

But since simply being German in heritage, or being anything conservative in Europe smacks of extremisim, everyone is somehow associated by blood or coincidence to someone who probably used to be a Nazi.  This makes Americans like myself triple evil because I'm of both German and Flemish heritage, and I'm a political conservative.  The fact I have no European ties other than my last name, not withstanding.  So, yeah, this type of guilt by association is kind of a big deal.

Atlas Shrugs dropped the issue, but LGF couldn't let it go.  AP at Hot Air got mad because certain posters where making his opinioins look weak, and he really doesn't like that.  But rather than simply admit confusion and let the issue die both HA and LGF started booting people off their blogs.

So the big deal, really, is the ironic turn of events whereby the bloggers in question were alienating people in a most similar fashion as those they were speaking out against.

Posted by: Lawrence at November 12, 2007 08:31 AM (cFi+z)


Except I see that Atlas Shrugs has not completely dropped it given todays post about her interview with Paul Belien, editor of The Brussels Journal.



Posted by: Lawrence at November 12, 2007 01:09 PM (cFi+z)

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